Flow Restrictors & Regulators

Products designed to be installed in structures to regulate or restrict the flow as it is released from a water body or site.

Flow Restrictors and Regulators Device Maintenance

Before commencing maintenance activities contact the manufacturer of the device to be maintained for any specific maintenance instructions. Prior to conducting any work on site all personnel must don appropriate high visibility vests, and as required, hard hats, steel-toed boots and safety glasses. Immediately upon arrival at the work site position all traffic control devices to ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Remove any and all grates and or manhole covers to access the units being maintained. On a pre-prepared inspection report note all site conditions and device conditions. The report should include observations regarding the stability of the watershed contributing to the device in regards to landscaped areas, i.e. is there erosion occurring? Or are there any conditions present that may bring large quantities of sediment and debris to the unit? Observations should also be made in regards to the construction of the unit and notes taken if there is damage, undue wear or any other noteworthy items.

All valves should be inspected to ensure that they are operating freely and unobstructed by debris. All valve surfaces should be checked for wear or corrosion and deficiencies noted on the inspection report.

All movable parts should be checked for proper operation and sliding, threaded or other metal on metal surfaces that move should be properly lubricated using a bio-degradable grease.

Report all observations on the inspection form.




Providers of Flow Restrictors & Regulators