Catch Basin Inserts

Products added to catch basins (drain and curb inlets) for the use of capturing or retaining stormwater pollutants. Product examples include pipe hoods, inlet filters and curb screens.

Catch basin inserts can be installed in existing (retrofit) structures, or as part of a new installation. In many cases, catch basins were installed on a site prior to regulatory oversight, or without specific removal targets in mind. Retrofitting catch basins with an insert can improve the efficiency of catch basins and in some cases make a basin easier to maintain (although typically on a more frequent basis).

Depending upon the design of the catch basin insert, they can target a wide range of pollutants, including heavy metals, hydrocarbons, sediments, trash and debris.

Typical Maintenance Requirements

Catch Basin inserts require routine maintenance to remain effective. The EPA suggests that inserts be cleaned once or twice a year to maintain effectiveness. Because maintenance requirements vary from one device to another, we recommend reviewing the manufacturer's inspection and maintenance recommendations.

In general, inserts targeting trash, debris and sediments can be cleaned out and reused until the integrity of their components becomes compromised. Often times a vacuum truck is used to quickly evacuate captured pollutants and clean the components for reuse.

Catch basin inserts that target hydrocarbons, heavy metals, phosphorus and other soluble constituents (typically in addition to those listed in the previous paragraph) often times contain filtration medias, or media packs that should be replaced during routine maintenance.



EPA Fact Sheet: Storm Water O&M Fact Sheet Catch Basin Cleaning

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Providers of Catch Basin Inserts