SWEMA Committees


 Government Affairs & Regulatory Committee (GARC)

The function of the Government Affairs & Regulatory Committee is to act as a clearinghouse of information on the regulatory aspects of the stormwater industry, allowing members to monitor new stormwater regulations. This committee shall be a source of industry communication for regulatory and approval agencies and shall be the point to communicate and gather input from multiple companies (through a single company contact). Jay Holtz is the Chairperson of the Government Affairs & Regulatory Committee Jay Holtz can be contacted at: jay.holtz@oldcastle.com.




Technical Committee (TCOM)

This committee is tasked with creating, reviewing and commenting on testing protocols, sizing criteria and other technical matters relative to evaluating and properly implementing manufactured stormwater treatment practices. This committee will publish and present technical and informational papers specific to the industry. The Technical Committee reviews and comments on field and laboratory protocols under development and represents the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association on committees tasked with developing protocols. Greg Williams is the Chairperson of the Technical Committee. Greg Williams can be contacted at: GWilliams@goodharbourlabs.com.





Marketing Committee

This committee's mission is to develop and execute marketing initiatives that support the strategic plan and branding strategy of the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association. Dan Fajman is the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee. Dan Fajman can be contacted at: dfajman@stormtrap.com. 




Maintenance Committee

The function of the Maintenance Committee is to promote the education of the industry about the maintenance needs for both proprietary and nonproprietary best management practices (BMPs). Because all BMPs require maintenance, this committee shall address the maintenance needs for a variety of systems and identify estimated costs for said maintenance. Most end users of stormwater systems do not understand that nonproprietary systems have a higher maintenance interval and demands, thereby affecting their yearly cost associated with them. By presenting the demands associated with each BMP (proprietary and public domain), the committee shall present the benefits of manufactured stormwater solutions through both land savings and reduced maintenance cost. For information on this committee, contact Laurie Honnigford at laurie@stormwaterassociation.com